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. this is a live picture of gaithersburg, maryland where snow is on the ground. many of you are waking up to notice throughout the region. nothing like a blizzard. most places have a dusting of an inch. let's take a look at ronald reagan washington national airport where you can see the snow falling out there. it is looking worse than it is now. basically an inch or maybe a little bit more in some of the outlying areas. around town not too bad. most of the roads seem to be pretty good. good morning, everyone,
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welcome to this early edition of "news4 today," i'm eun yang. good morning, i'm joe krebs. we have a couple of delays to pass to you. montgomery county schools are operating on a two hour delay. grant county in west virginia. those schools are operating on a two hour delay. the excel academy public charter school in d.c. also a two hour delay and the central records complex is operating on unscheduled leave. fairfax county schools are also operating on a two hour delay. we expect more delays and we don't have any cancelations so far but if we get them we'll post them at the bottom of the screen and tell you about them. let's take another look outside. ronald reagan washington national airport, you can see the snow flurries out there. i expect to see more snow on the ground but once the snow is falling on the roadway, it's not causing it to stick. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein to see how much more snow we can
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expect. >> good morning. about what we predicted. we had about an inch or so fall. we're getting one band, this is pretty much the final band, it's moderate snow that's falling in washington, prince george's county and anne arundel, fairfax, down to prince william and northern stafford. this band of moderate snow will add another half inch. these are the totals we've had. we had half an inch in washington but another half inch on top of that. an inch in montgomery county. western fairfax and loudoun county and northern prince george's. about an inch in anne arundel, an inch or more in charles county. an inch across parts of virginia. temperatures hovering in the upper 20s. now 30 degrees in washington. so what's falling is certainly sticking. we may have an additional passing snow and then sun back, blustery winds, frigid weekend
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to follow. above freezing on monday morning. let's see how the roads are doing? >> good morning, everyone. kind of a hit or miss proposition. that burst of snow right now is causing some issue, if the roadway hasn't been treated in the lt 30 or 45 minutes you can plan on losing your travel lanes. for the most part just wet. this is the beltway up in silver spring, outer loop and inner loop looking good. keep your speeds down. plan accordingly. bridges, ramps and overpasses are the first to freeze. at this early hour no major accidents to report. plenty of people are waking up and wondering whether they willee that winter wonder land outside of their windows. >> we're hating to the streets to find out what it looks like in your neighborhood. darcy spencer continues our coverage. >> reporter: you'll see a winter wonderland in gaithersburg along
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shady grove road. it's up to a couple of inches of snow here on the ground. we're not getting much precipitation at this point but certainly the snow has fallen, it's beautiful but i can tell you some of the driving conditions are treacherous out here. that's not an exaggeration. this is shady grove road. this is one of the major roadways people use to go to work. it doesn't appear to have been plowed. some trucks have treated the road but it doesn't appear it's been plowed at this point. probably right now they are focusing on the more major roadways. we're seeing traffic come through the area. you'll see a car come through right now. it does seem to me that they are going a little bit fast for these conditions. driving out here on 270, there was a lot of snow on the roadway from, starting around the germantown area as you got closer into washington, it seems like the conditions got a little bit worse with heavier snow. it was laying on 270.
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but we did see some trucks out there, certainlyut treating the roadway, but some folks seemed like they were going a little bit fast for the conditions. there were tractor-trailers out there going faster than the speed limit passing us. people not heeding some of the warnings out there. again, we're seeing some of the truck out here, treating the roadways. but certainly some slick conditions as we were pulling into the parking lot here at this shopping center, the vehicles were sliding. also when i hit the brakes, i slid through the intersection. it's a wonderful winter wonderland but concerning for people who have to come out on 270 and get to some of the side roads, even shady grove road you'll face snow slick roads. there are some icy conditions. certainly be careful. allow yourself some extra time as you go to work this morning. reporting live from gaithersburg, darcy spencer. you mentioned it wasn't
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plowed? >> reporter: a couple of minutes ago there was a truck that came through. it had a plow but not plowing the road. it was laying down what appeared to be salt or sand here along shady grove road. it might not be to the level yet where they feel they should plow. certainly to my perspective getting to that point where maybe a plow should be coming through here. but, again, transportation officials say they do focus on getting the major roads done. i'm not sure where shady grove road falls within that. it looks like it needs some treatment out here certainly as the morning progresses and more cars come out here to get to work. >> darcy spencer reporting live. thanks very much. dangerous cold continues to plague much of the nation. snow and ice are affecting more than two dozen states from the midwest to deep south with wind chills in some areas more than 50 below. another ten inches of snow is expected in iowa which is already buried in more than two feet from december. blowing snow in oklahoma,
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illinois and missouri caused downed power lines and hundreds of accidents. freeze warnings are teatening citrus crops. nearly 600 jobs could be luck on the chopping block in the new budget for fairfax schools. school superintendent has proposed a $2.3 billion budget. he expects most of the staff cuts to come through attrition. he has proposed eliminating foreign language programs in elementary schools in the county, all freshman high school sports would be eliminated and mandatory fee of $100 per student per sport. the proposal includes closing pimmitt hills an alternative high school in false church. metro riders, you'll get a chance to speak out about raising prices and cutting services. board members were divided over a possible fare surcharge. d.c. councilman jim graham insisted on a fare increase of
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no more than ten cents per ride to help bridge a $40 million budget gap. members from the maryland and virginia want an crease of up to 20 cents. a public hearing will now be held on january 27th at 5:30 in the evening at metro headquarters and a vote will be held the nrk day. this morning terror suspect umar farouk abdulmutallab will make his first court appearance related to an alleged christmas day bombing attempt. this comes one day after president obama publicly scolded agencies for allowing the suspected bomber on a u.s. flight. ultimately the president took responsibility for what he deemed a systemic failure. steve handelsman reports. >> we can't sit on information that protects american people. >> reporter: but agencies did sit on information before umar farouk abdulmutallab struck. the state department warned about a nigerian by name, but the national counterterrorism
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center and others failed to put him on a no-fly list. >> we must follow the leads we get. that means assigning clear lines of responsibility. >> reporter: obama terrorism ad visser, john brennan. >> no one was assigned to do that follow up investigation. intelligence fell through the cracks. >> reporter: terrorists that don't get listed have to get stopped by better technology at the airport. mr. obama is firing no one in the wake of the christmas failures. >> i am less interested in passing out blame than i am in learning from and correcting these mistakes to make us safer. ultimately, the buck stops with me. >> reporter: steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. defense secretary robert gates will stay on for another year. gates is a holdover from the bush administration and he considers himself to be republican. president obama asked him to stay in his role to maintain stability at a time when the
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united states is fighting two wars. the commitment means gates will be in place to manage the expansion of the afghanistan war through the summer. this morning we're getting a better look at what caused last weekend's scare at newark liberty international airport. this is a security officer who left his post and a man who wanted give a woman a final good-bye kiss. the video shows the man seen in the tan coat slipping under the rope. after the officer walked away. the man in the tan coat meets a woman in a white jacket they walk away hand-in-hand. the incident shut down the airport for my hours and delayed thousands of passengers. we're just getting started on "news4 today." >> gilbert arenas finally staying out of the public spotlight. coming up what's next for the suspended nba star. hit by a car and lost in the
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blizzard. bubba the dog being what he needs from you this morning. >> live pictures of the snow that's already fallen and falling. fairfax and montgomery county schools on two hour delays. we'll have your traffic and weather together and all your dela
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. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." 30 degrees. looking at a live picture of shady grove road out in gaithersburg this morning where it looks like they've done some plowing on shady grove road about 15 minutes ago. i'm sorry, that's leesburg, virginia that we're looking at right now. looks like those roads have been cleared. >> good thing. we have several school delays the report. montgomery county schools are operating on a two hour delay. in virginia, fairfax county schools are also on a two hour delay. in west virginia grant cnty and hampshire county schools are
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running on a two hour delay. >> the snow is ending from west to east but still snowing in washington and look teeing radar still snowing in fairfax county as well as across prince george's county. and into charles county, stafford and spotsylvania and sohern prince william. this band of moderate snow is exiting washington moving into prince george's county, southern fairfax into southern prince william and stafford and charles. heading off to the east, anne arundel county as well getting some moderate snow right now. temperatures around the region are certainly below freezing so whatever is falling is sticking. some other passing snow showers out in the mountains. we had generally about an inch to an inch and a half around the region. we may add perhaps another quarter inch on top of what's fallen and will be ending as we have cold air moving in from the midwest. that is going to continue to keep us in the deep freeze through the weekend as we dry out today and into saturday and sunday. now the traffic, how is it
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looking, jerry? >> we'll take a live look at montgomery county. this is the secondary roadways and potential for slickness over at goodie drive, shady grove drive. secondary roadways to be treacherous. northern virginia, along 95 and 395 appear for the most part just wet at this hour. joe and eun, back to you. it is now 4:45. coming up the future of the jay leno show. the banner comes down as the wizards distance themselves from gilbert arenas. what's next for the gun-toting nba star? >> we're all over this winter weather that dusted the washington area with more snow. all your delays and closings as
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welcome back. it's 4:47. 30 degrees. taking a live look at ronald reagan washington national airport where snow is falling.
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snow falling throughout the area. is the weather affecting your flights? we'll bring the latest from all the airports as information comes in. people are cleaning off their cars and sidewalks to get ready for their morning commute. derrick ward continues our team coverage from leesburg this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. take a look. this is route 7 as it runs through leesburg. as you can see it's down to pavement, no problem passing that at all. this is pretty much what we encountered all the way from the district. take a look at this secondary road here. it hasn't been touched. got a good inch of two or snow on that. we did encounter some of that just the other side of tysons for a short stretch and the snows came down heavily in a band. didn't have much trouble driving. it's more or less visibility. if a road you're unfamiliar with you may not see where the curbs are coming up or know where the road ends. think beyond your head lights when you are traveling that way. as you can see not much traffic.
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this road has been treated and by the time the morning rush does pick up it should be no issue. again, when you're going from these main roads to your secondary roads you may have to be a little careful. take some time. take your time. allow extra braking distance an things like that. once the morning commute gets understand way some of this will be beat down and once the crews get out here and get to this you shouldn't have much trouble on the secondary roads. the primary roads are not much of a problem here in leesburg. >> all right. is it still snowing out there? >> reporter: no. it's stopped snowing. we ran into a rather moderate band on the way up here but by the time we got here it completely stopped. we don't know if we can expect any more. tom said there should be another band moving through. right now, nothing coming down at all. take a look at the texture of the snow. pretty dry, powdery. that ss something about the traction you will get. be careful if you're walking
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because underneath is that old snow from the last snowfall, that's ice. that could be trach. you may not see it coming fun you're on foot. if your driving this is what you will encounter. he was one of washington's or is one of washington's most popular sports stars. now the wizards seems to be distancing themselves from gilbert arenas. he's been suspended from the n indefinitely and now he seems to be taking himself out of the spotlight as well. craig melvin reports. >> reporter: the banner was lowered bearing the face of the team's franchise player, fans who watched gilbert arenas come down said they understood. >> maybe it's a good thing because the fact that everything that's gone on now with him and you don't want to have his stuff up there. >> reporter: the team does not want it inside earth. late word thursday the wizards organization will have all images of arenas dn inside
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verizon center by tipoff friday night. arenas has done some taking down of his own. his popular twitter page has disappeared. thursday, d.c. police chief refused to comment on the arenas case but when asked whether bringing a handgun into d.c. from virginia was against the law, she was clear. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: thursday we learn more about what may have happened inside the locker room in december. arenas has admitted taking four guns into verizon as part of what he calls a practical joke he planned to play on javaris crittenton. according to an article in the "the washington po", javaris crittenton's gun was loaded. but it's arenas who has been suspended without pay and facing felony charges. >> he's suspended but ihink they should give him another chance. >> reporter: a few fans seem willing to give the three-time all-star a break, d.c. mayor adrian fenty weighed in. >> it's something that distract from the real business of both
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playing basketball and then being able to move the city forward. >> reporter: craig melvin, "news4 today." >> 4:51 is our time. a couple more school delays. falls church city schools are on a two hour delay as are loudoun county schools two hour delays. >> montgomery and fairfax county are on a two hour delay. we'll bring you all the school closing and delays. coming up, jay leno will he stayr go >> a. y's call for help. hurt and alone. how you can help bubba back on the road to
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our time right now is 4:54 as we take a live pictuture of gaithersburg out there this morning. looks like a winter wonderland. shady grove road has snow on it. can you see a plow hard at work
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in a parking lot. a couple more school delays. right now we just learned that charles county schools in maryland are closed today. charles county schools are closed. also falls church, loudoun, fairfax and montgomery county all on a two hour delay today. and once again the delays and closing will run at the bottom of your screen. here's tom kierein at storm center 4. >> charles county has had more snow than the rest of the region. as we look at the radar one final band of moderate snow passing just east of washington, interstate 95 east across the tidal potomac into prince george's, charles and anne arundel counties. they are getting a band of moderate snow that continues to move off to the east and pull away. a few other lingering snow showers out in the panel of virginia. those are moving into the shenandoah valley. those are moving off to the east. a lingering passing snow over the next few hours. here are some of the totals we've had in.
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generally inch and a half to two inches in charles county up to prince george's county. annapolis half an inch to an inch. temperatures are at or below freezing all around the region. what's falling is sticking. frigid out in the mountains. only in the teens. this storm system moves off to the east. will give us sun later. cold weather coming in for the weekend. sub freezing temperatures all the way to monday. northern virginia at this hour and again the secondary roadways that need some additional treatment here. this is over in arlington. stretch of wilson boulevard near fairfax drive. for the most part passable. lose the travel lanes under the pack of snow. interstates doing okay. 95 in virginia, northbound as you make your trip on up everything is looking good. joe? >> thanks very much. nbc is defending jay leno. various websites have reported
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that the hour long "jay leno show" will be cancelled or shifted into late night following the winter olympics next month. the reports say nbc is considering reinstating leno as the host of the "tonight show." now he turn over that job, you will recall to conan o'brien last spring. the comedian poked fun at the speculation in his opening monologue last night. >> don't think there's any truth to the rumor. in my experience nbc only cancels you when you're in first place. so we're fine. >> nbc denies it has any plans to cancel the "jay leno show" and says it remains committed on keeping conan o'brien on the network as well. this morning an incredible story of survival. a dog not even a year old finds his way home after getting lost in the middle of the blizzard of 2009. he is now badly hurt and in need avenue home. craig melvin has more on the efforts of a manassas
4:58 am
veterinarian's office to save him. >> reporter: meet bubba, one tough pit bull. >> he was out in the snow and wind and cold and as you can see done have a lot of hair. so, we believe he was h by a car and somehow through his will to survive he drug himself home. >> reporter: this 11-month-old. y got away from his manassas home during the blizzard of 2009 and somehow he survived two weeks with no food, no shelter, and he was badly injured. nonetheless, he still found his way home. >> when he came in, he was -- his temperature of 93 degrees. and that alone was life threatening. had to get his temperature up to get him to the point where his body would be able to repair selfrom all of the injuries. >> repter: bubba broke two of his legs. he's got some nasty cuts from what looks like being hit by a car. but the mission at the vet
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office is not only to heal him but to raise money to pay for his medical costs and get him a new home. the office manager has led the charge. >> his owner, you will recall, is financially limited. he said that he cashed his last unemployment check last week. this is such a large amount of money for somebody who is unemployed to come up with. he loves this dog. but he nearly missed his chance to get a new home. >> reporter: donations are still needed to make a complete recovery. meyer says he would make a wonderful gift to any home. he's a survivor. >> he's vy friendly. he's not shown one ounce of aggression even though he's been frozen and broken and starved. he's always been very sweet. >> that was craig melvin reporting. if you're interested in adopting

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